Westside Academy of Gymnastics
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5775 Filview Circle, Cincinnati OH  45248
Class Information
Weekly Schedule for Classes

5:00-7:00/8:00 Team Members
5:00-6:00 7-9 year olds
6:00-7:00 4-6 year olds
7:00-8:00 8 years and older 

4:30-5:15 3 year old class
5:00-7:00/8:00 Team Members
5:00-6:00 St. I's Cheer (ages 5-7)
6:00-7:00 4-6 year olds
7:00-8:00 8 years and older
8:00-9:00 Adult class

10:00-10:45 Parent/child Class (18 months-36 months)
5:00-7:00/8:00 Team Members
6:00-7:00 4-7 year olds
7:00-8:00 8 years and older 

5:00-7:00/8:00 Team Members
5:00-6:00 7-9 year olds
6:00-7:00 4-6 year olds
7:00-8:00 8 years and older 
7:00-8:00 7 and older boys class
7:45-9:00 High school tumbling class 
  Oak Hills Middle School tumbling class

6:00-7:00 OPEN GYM Ages 6 and under
7:00-8:00 OPEN GYM Ages 7-13
8:00-9:00 OPEN GYM Ages14 

9:00-12:00 Level 2-Optional Team Members
10:00-11:00  4-6 year olds
11:00-11:45 3 year olds
11:45-12:30 Parent/Child class

The following are the classes available at Westside Academy of Gymnastics.

Parent/child classes (18 months+)
Preschool classes
Developmental classes
Recreational classes
Tumbling classes
Adult classes (18 years+)
USAG Competitive teams (including adult)

Tuition payments are due the first day you attend class each month unless you have made other arrangements. There will be a $5.00 late fee if your payment is not received by the fifteenth of the month. We base our fees on a four week month, therefore, you are expected to pay the entire amount each month. If your child is absent, he/she will be given a make-up class. Monthly tuition payments should not be prorated unless you have discussed it with an owner.

There is a yearly registration fee of $35.00 at the time of registration for new students. ALL students currently attending class at WAG are expected to pay this $35.00 fee on a yearly basis from the original registration date. If more than one child per family is enrolled in classes, the cost of the registration fee for additional children is $15.00 per child.  

If your child is absent due to an illness or a vacation, he/she is eligible to make up the class. We encourage you to do this as quickly as you can upon your child’s return to the gym. Check with an instructor as to the available times for make-up. An instructor must be notified as to when you plan to have a make-up session.

Westside Academy of Gymnastics will post closings for holidays at least one week prior to the holiday. MAKE-UP CLASSES ARE NOT OFFERED FOR HOLIDAY CLOSINGS. (There is no extra fee for months that contain five weeks.)

Westside Academy of Gymnastics observes the following holidays:
New Year's Eve Thanksgiving
New Year's Day Christmas Eve
Memorial Day Christmas Day
Fourth of July Labor Day  

Friday's Open Gym schedule is as follows:

Ages 6 and under 6PM to 7PM
 Ages 7-13 7PM to 8PM 
Ages 14 and up 8PM to 9PM

Your child must be currently enrolled in a class to be eligible for open gym. There is no additional fee for attending open gym. Siblings of students attending open gym are asked to remain in the parent room. If siblings participate in open gym, they will be expected to pay the $5.00 guest fee. If a student wishes to bring a guest to open gym, there is a $5.00 fee. ALL open gym attendees must have a signed waiver on file.
​What to wear:

•T-shirt that covers all body parts or a tank top with at least 1” straps
•Shorts that covers all body parts
•Leggings or fitted pants to ankle or fitted capris with no pockets/zippers
•Wear long hair tied back in ponytail, braided, or pigtails (Hair clips are permissible to wear)

What not to wear:
•Plastic or metal head bands
•Tube tops, thin strapped tank tops, camisole, or sports bras
•Jewelry (Stud earrings are acceptable, but no other type of earrings are; piercings can be dangerous)
•Necklaces, bracelets, rings, or toe rings
•Shoes unless they are gymnastic shoes or cheer shoes
•Short shorts