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Every class allows 15-20 minutes of organized stretching, conditioning, and core strength exercises. These exercises increase as the child progresses, and the level of difficulty increases.

Parent-child class (18 months-2 years): Introduce your child to the fun of gymnastics! Developmental skills are stressed, while listening and following directions are incorporated. Children learn to walk on the balance beam, swing on the bars, and begin basic floor exercises, such as front rolls, back rolls, and handstands. In addition to gross motor skills, such as jumping, hopping on one or two feet being reinforced. Children learn how to engage in cooperative play with other children.

Toddler Class (3 year olds): This is your child's first opportunity to attend class by herself/himself. Listening and following direction skills are promoted through fun, organized activities. Fundamental gymnastic skills are taught through a variety of fun techniques. As each child grows at their own individual rate, they are evaluated and placed in an appropriate class setting. 

Preschool classes (4-6 year olds): Fundamental gymnastic skills continue to increase in difficulty, as warranted by each gymnast's individual ability. Listening and following directions continue to be key factors in the gymnast's success to learning. The gymnast must remain an active participant in the class, while learning the discipline of self-control. Pre-school and regulation equipment are used for this group.

Recreational classes (7-18): Recreational classes introduce and strengthen fundamental gymnastics skills, as well as increase difficulty levels of skills as each gymnast's ability warrants. These classes are taught as a progressive program, which simply means that they begin with introductory skills and work toward the mastery of more difficult techniques. As always, listening and following directions, as well as self-discipline, respect and courtesy for instructors and peers is stressed. Conditioning is introduced to students and is essential to perform any skill. As the gymnast matures, she/he may ask to focus on one particular skill area more than another. For example, one may choose to develop more tumbling skills to focus on cheerleading than spending times on bars or beam. This is fine, but the student must continue to improve on more than one tumbling skill.

Competitive team: Tryouts are required for the competitive team. Westside Academy of Gymnastics offers USAG competitive gymnastics levels JO 2 through 9 and Xcel Silver and Gold at this point. Not only do our competitive teams learn fundamental skills, they continue to increase their difficulty of gymnastic techniques. The progression of skills, core exercises, flexibility training, and conditioning are built into each practice. A well prepared gymnast is a more successful gymnast. Our competitive gymnasts are expected to be committed to the program in order to insure better success. Parents must also be a part of this commitment to insure the gymnast's success!

Adult class: Our adult class focuses on building core strength and flexibility. Core exercises stabilize the skeleton, which leads to better balance. Core exercising is for everyone, no matter what physical limitations one may have. Core and conditioning exercises are what our gymnasts must do in order to execute even the most basic skills. Adults work on exercises, and some continue on to learn gymnastic skills or strengthen the gymnastic skills they have already developed. Adults may choose to work on core development, conditioning, and/or balance improvement in class or one on one. 

** As our gymnasts learn the discipline of behavior, we ask that our parents/family be a supportive example. We have a no tolerance for laughing or any violent actions, such as hitting or kicking, towards anyone in the gym. We reserve the right to dismiss any child or parent from the gym floor or facility if necessary.

We strive to make our environment safe, fun, and educational for all. Your support, love, and encouragement is an essential part of making that safe environment possible.